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275 Gallon Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)
“Food Grade”, “Reinforced”,” Palletized”, “Ready-to-ship”, “Chemical Free”. Why is any of this important to you? Well, these are the terms which describe your product and it makes your product both valuable and unique.


One need only watch the news for only a few minutes to see economic, political and social turbulence in this nation and abroad. This is leading thousands of individuals to strategically procure tangible assets. Physical precious metals are a good example of tangible assets which have seen growth and popularity since the global financial crisis took hold.

Bulk Food International offers a range of bulk food assets which are arguably the most relevant and valuable in times of crisis. We have seen explosive growth in customers as we set the standard for long-term food quality and storage. Our solution gives individuals confidence as they consider the future of our nation.

Our products are uniquely designed for;

  • Long-term storage
  • The ability to appreciate in times of supply constraint
  • Packaged ready for immediate transportation

Allocating funds into bulk food assets has a tremendous potential upside under supply constraints. Furthermore, this provides our customers incredible peace of mind to know they have a food supply line available when they need it. Our customers’ food is stored in our secure underground warehouse facility in Kansas City, centrally located in the U.S. and in the cross hairs of North America’s major distribution routes. Our supply lines extend worldwide, and we can ship to their desired location at any time.

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